Macrothink Institute: Supporting Open Access Rulemakings by US Federal 

Macrothink Institute (Linkedin) was created with the aim of developing and publishing science and research. And since then, they have been working hard to achieve this purpose. Macrothink publishes online journals which are accessible to readers all over the world. They have taken the digital era to a new level by making full use of it for educational purposes. They understand the need and preference of the online journals over print media, which is why they constantly work to improve it.

The major difference between Macrothink Institute and other academic publishers is that they have minimized the need for administrative system. They also work with the best scholars from all over the world, who want to publish their research projects. Not only do they work with international authors, they also allow people from all corners of the planet to access their journals and publications. They believe in using the cultural diversity to increase opportunities for research and education.

Macrothink not only published research writings, they also sponsor, promote and offer financial assistance to researchers, students, international networks and corporations.

US Federal Open Access Rulemaking means that most federal agencies will be required to come up with their own brand rules and processes. All publishing companies and others would also have to come up with ways to become a part of this rulemaking scheme.

The basic idea behind the rulemaking process is the development, publication of rules and the submission of comments. The agencies would need the submission of written comment content, which means that there will be a need to collect comments as quickly as possible. But as of yet, this is not definitive. The end result of all of this would be that all the authors as well as publishers would need to inform about every article that is published through agency funding.

What would happen is that the chances of lawsuits would reduce as policies will be written with clear cut honesty. The law would help bridging the distance between agencies and industries. The budget required to deal with Open Access Rulemaking has not yet been set and there is no certainty about whether or not there will be any regulatory review system.

But whatever the case may be, this way of open rulemaking is about to hit the shores of publishing agencies and they should be well prepared to deal with it.

The reason why Macrothink Institute supports this Open Access Rulemaking introduced by US Federal system, is that it gives way to positive communication with their customers and readers. They are a rigorous and serious brand of publishers who propose open and honest policies, beneficial not only to themselves but others as well.

Macrothink Institute wants to improve the workings and publishing of scientific literature in scholarly journals and will always be in support of systems that cater to this need.