Macrothink Institute Develops Innovative and Sustainable Solutions in Publishing

A private institution, Macrothink Institute is an organization that is completely private and dedicated to scientific publication and research.  It aims at significantly contributing to scientific developments through digital journals. Unlike their paper-based counterparts, digital journals are efficient, inexpensive and eco-friendly. Digitalized journals also enable the institute to share researchers’ ideas across the globe through its open access journal publishing system.

The major difference between Macrothink Institute and other academic publishers is that they have minimized the need for administrative system. They also work with the best scholars from all over the world, who want to publish their research projects. Not only do they work with international authors, they also allow people from all corners of the planet to access their journals and publications. They believe in using the cultural diversity to increase opportunities for research and education.

Open access is the practice of allowing unrestricted access via the Internet to scholarly journals and peer-reviewed research. By implementing this system, Macrothink Institute offers 20 journal titles categorized under four sections: Biology and Medicine, Economics and Management, Sciences and Engineering, and Social Sciences and Humanities.

Macrothink works with a significant number on great scholars globally so as to publish great journals on their database. This means that accumulation of ideas from different research areas and cultures. With the Gold Open Access Model, Macrothink allows readers to get instant access to all the research journals that have been published on their database without the need to pay a certain amount of subscribe. The authors pay a certain fee for publishing so that they can maintain their journal operation.

Macrothink Institute publishes the highest quality research articles and journals on its database. Its viewers can actually take advantage of the platform. The main focus of the organization is to make all the data pertaining to different fields available at a single place so that people would not have to find information from multiple sources.

It makes sure that any content about to be published is reviewed thoroughly so that only the best quality content makes it to its online database. Being free, Macrothink aims to expand the reach of research journals so that more and more people can benefit from them. This means that more knowledge and information will be able to flow out in different directions.